Aiping Wang

Energy Healing

Energy healing has been developed from ancient practices to enhance longevity and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. What makes this different from all the other healing systems is it involves no movement at all, and looks somehow like nothing is happening at all! That's because the practitioner sits and allows the universal energy (Qi , or Chi ) that is channeling through them do the work. When someone who is receiving this energy gets this fresh energy inside, everything can be automatically released out and cleared.


Despite the seeming simplicity of all this, the results are often phenomenal, even if they cannot be immediately perceived at that time.

Because the client doesn't move, and is simply given more energy – and is also instructed in how to receive more energy and simultaneously release their blockages – they can after some time of practicing this process get into a flow; they can literally learn to flow with the universe Qi, and this infinite power heals and releases the potential of the participants during their everyday activities, even when they
are not having a treatment. But this takes time to learn and practice before it can happen spontaneously.

The beauty of energy healing is that unlike other systems, the instructor doesn't try and decide what the person needs, but allows the energy to do the work; thus, it's the energy that flows and goes to where it's most needed, somewhat like water that will flow to the lowest point in any situation to fill a space. Also, because of this, the client's energy is not only increased, but every aspect of them is balanced and enhanced, from the internal core to their outermost aspects.

Finally, energy works to push out any blockages – on every level – from body to mind to spirit. If you were to truly understand the concept of holism, you would understand that everything is connected, and that everything influences everything else. That should be the core understanding of all holistic understanding. In fact, that is the difference. Allopathic medicine, treats everything as separate, and sees no connection between emotions and the body. This is slowly changing, as the holistic approach becomes more and more widely accepted.

Thus energy healing will heal the organs and other physical aspects, and also the related aspects of those; for example, the lungs are related to money and being inspired – and the general functions of
energy distribution in the body, the skin, the nose, and on more emotional levels, being in grief, unclear about boundaries etc. So, we can see that people whose lungs are weak can have problems letting
go in life; can get constipated; can get dry or greasy skin; can get a lot of colds... and generally feel uninspired in life and not able to make clear decisions. They also need to talk more openly.

Energy healing is also different because unlike other systems, it heals the root of problems without any invasive action; in essence it improves internal balance and strength by energetically building up
the bodily organs and systems – and removing life blockages and weaknesses.  Also, unlike other systems, it involves the teaching of behavioral lifestyle changes and ego work, which if not done, means the person will re-create the blockage that they had. Finally it promotes, through energy intake, blockages to be released through talking too… another unique aspect.

When the client gets results – which often occur quickly, it starts to give them faith and a belief in the power of universal energy to help them, which means they develop trust in life, and can do their own research into how energy works. So, it empowers them to take charge of their own lives, and get the kind of health, energy and inner peace that becomes a spring board for them to fulfill, and often exceed their life potential.

All in all, this system has the potential to really change the world for the better – and make it a healthy, happy and peaceful one!
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